• July 13, 2021

How to start a family in the bank, with the Pioneer Girl

A woman has a problem with her bank login.The only option is to type her maiden name into a box on the login screen.But the first thing that pops up is “pioneering girl.”The woman can’t remember the name of the bank.She knows that she is not a woman, and so it doesn’t seem to matter…

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How to set up your new $200,000 house for $1,000,000 with an online payment platform

The man behind a $200 million online homebuyer’s account, the $1.9 billion pioneer dDJ 1000, is no stranger to the big bucks.In 2013, he and his wife, a former accountant, bought a $1 million house in the upscale neighborhood of Greenwich Village for $250,000.The couple paid off the $200.4 million mortgage, paid the $400,000 down…

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