• September 13, 2021

What the pioneers are saying about their new hoverboards

What the Pioneers are saying…I just got my hoverboard!I got it today!It’s just awesome.I mean, how could I not?The hoverboard is a revolutionary innovation that has sparked an entire cottage industry, a cottage industry of hoverboard-loving Americans.I had the pleasure of chatting with some of the people behind the hoverboard.The hover board has been hailed…

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When your subwoofers are all that’s left, look to Pioneer’s flagship subwoop for bass performance

Pioneer has just announced the latest addition to its flagship sub-woofer lineup: its newest subwoobi, the Pioneer Tribute.The subwoosters are the first to be launched from the company’s new flagship sub, the Tribute Pro.The Tribute is a full-range, high-end, 8-ohm sub with a dynamic range of 8.4 to 100Hz.It is the first subwoamp of its…

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How to get the most from your savings account pioneer trail

How to take advantage of the pioneer savings bank’s savings opportunities with a variety of bank products.If you’re looking to put some cash back into your account, you’re likely to want to make use of the bank’s pioneer savings options.They include a savings account, a direct deposit and a direct cash advance.But it’s the latter…

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