• July 26, 2021

What the world needs to know about the latest $1bn innovation in bank technology

A bank is building a new way to buy and sell debt.The new platform, called p2p, allows users to swap funds across multiple accounts.That means a user can buy a bond from a customer and exchange it for a loan from another bank. A blockchain network, which is the infrastructure underpinning Bitcoin, is a way to…

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How to buy the Pioneer SX-T65x 12-bit/96kHz stereo audio codec

The Pioneer SXT65 is a very popular audio codec for a number of reasons.The 12-channel format is a little bit different than most codecs but it does have its advantages.It is easy to buy a box of units and it comes with an integrated microphone and line-in cable that’s great for those who use headphones.Plus,…

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