• October 8, 2021

A pioneering woman beddings in the Amazon, Peru

In 2017, when the first lady was visiting Peru, she decided to have her first experience of the Amazon rainforest, camping with indigenous people.“I was like, this is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I was not prepared to go camping in the rainforest,” she said.“It was a very big adventure.”The trip was a…

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NASA’s $4 billion Jupiter Probe Is Back, And It’s Back Faster Than You Imagined

A giant probe of NASA’s Jupiter mission is heading for its biggest journey yet, as the agency plans to blast off to the planet’s largest moon, Io, in 2022.The $4.6 billion Jupiter probe, dubbed Jupiter Orbiter Mission (JOAM), is designed to orbit the moon Io, a world of Saturn’s moon Europa and the largest object…

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‘I’m not a fan’: The future of personal computers is still very much up in the air

I’ve been a big fan of the new Apple Watch for a while now, and its first day on the market I was able to spend an hour with it, using it to track my sleep, my weight, and my health.The Apple Watch, a $350 smartwatch with a 4.7-inch touchscreen display and a camera, was…

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