• September 9, 2021

Pioneer head unit review: Pioneer’s Pioneer Park and Pioneer Head Unit review

Pioneer has finally released its head unit reviews for the Pioneer Park, Pioneer Head, Pioneer Park+ and Pioneer XS.The Pioneer head units reviewed here are the flagship Pioneer models with the most reviews and most number of reviews on Amazon and Google.You’ll also find the latest Pioneer headunit and the most recent Pioneer X1, X2,…

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Which women have been voted the fittest at the 2017 Olympics?

Woman’s Day, which celebrates the empowerment of women, is celebrating its 50th year this year.This year, the annual celebration marks the 50th anniversary of the first edition of the calendar.The annual calendar includes women’s sport, beauty, and fitness, as well as some of the most iconic female athletes and athletes of the past 50 years.In…

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How to avoid a $1,000 ticket in the first place

A man has sued his former employer for $1 million in unpaid wages after he claimed he was forced to work for less than $1 per hour.A group of former employees at Pioneer Park Campground in the Mojave Desert sued the company last year, claiming the workers were forced to use the cheaper hotel room…

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