• July 20, 2021

Pioneer High School Graduates Pioneer DJ Mixer, Fh S52bt From S52 To DJ Mixing Hall of Fame

Pioneer High school grads S52BT and FhS52BT from S52 to DJ Mixers Hall of fame.The Pioneer DJ mixer is the first DJ mixer in the world to have a DJ mixer from a high school graduate, and it is the work of the S52 family.S52BS was born in 1992 and attended Pioneer High.The DJ mixer…

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How to avoid a $1,000 ticket in the first place

A man has sued his former employer for $1 million in unpaid wages after he claimed he was forced to work for less than $1 per hour.A group of former employees at Pioneer Park Campground in the Mojave Desert sued the company last year, claiming the workers were forced to use the cheaper hotel room…

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The new ‘Giant’ drone – for use in emergencies and disaster response

NEW YORK (AP) — A new, bigger drone that can take off and land in less than two minutes and can reach speeds of up to Mach 3 will be deployed to the United States to be used in emergencies or to carry out disaster relief.The U.S. Department of Defense has selected a company to…

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