• August 6, 2021

Which brand of bedding should you get?

The last time we looked at the differences between two bedding brands, one brand of foam bedding had the advantage of being made by a manufacturer with an excellent reputation.The other brand, however, was a little less attractive.And this time, a lot of brands have a new contender to beat.A new brand is making a…

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How to build your own Bluetooth receiver for the next 10 years

When we launched our first Bluetooth-enabled device, it was a $250 Bluetooth-capable device that we had to buy.But it has since become an indispensable tool for any consumer to have access to all their media and applications, from their smartwatch to their home network, on a variety of devices.We’re still working out how much we…

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What the world needs to know about the latest $1bn innovation in bank technology

A bank is building a new way to buy and sell debt.The new platform, called p2p, allows users to swap funds across multiple accounts.That means a user can buy a bond from a customer and exchange it for a loan from another bank. A blockchain network, which is the infrastructure underpinning Bitcoin, is a way to…

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