• September 21, 2021

The Pinnacle of the Trail

A group of trail users are getting a new lease on life on the Pinnacle State Mutual Trail.The park recently launched a new outdoor experience called the Pines, a two-week adventure that includes a “Pinnacle State” adventure campground.The Pinnacle Adventure Campground has two full-service cabins that can accommodate two to four people, plus a “Trail…

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Pioneer Campground offers $600 per night for rental

Pioneer Campgrounds, a popular rental property in the city of Twin Falls, Idaho, offers $6,000 per night on top of the $5,000 stipend for a four-night stay.The deal is available to anyone with a valid Idaho ID, the company said on Facebook.The reservation period for Pioneer Camps’ rental program began Monday.For more, read: Pioneer Campsites,…

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