• September 12, 2021

Pioneer Campground offers $600 per night for rental

Pioneer Campgrounds, a popular rental property in the city of Twin Falls, Idaho, offers $6,000 per night on top of the $5,000 stipend for a four-night stay.The deal is available to anyone with a valid Idaho ID, the company said on Facebook.The reservation period for Pioneer Camps’ rental program began Monday.For more, read: Pioneer Campsites,…

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How to install and manage Apple CarPlay on your new Pioneer Coop

Apple introduced its new CarPlay app for iPhone and Apple Watch earlier this year, allowing you to access your home’s entertainment center without having to open up a separate app.The new Carplay app is compatible with most popular Android phones and is a great way to control your home entertainment without having a separate device.It…

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When ‘the first black boat’ went into service

PONTIAC, Mich.— A pioneer craft that was first to sail across the Atlantic Ocean and bring the first African-American men to the West Coast in 1821 is set to be auctioned off for $5 million.The 1821 Pioneer Day Boat, a black sailboat, will be on display in Poconos Historical Museum until March 13, and the…

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