• June 22, 2021

How to Buy a Pioneer 9x5x5 with the Expert Avh W4500: Part 1

The Pioneer 9X5x4 is a full-size compact disc player with a 6″ screen and an integrated DVD player.It’s also compatible with Apple TV and Roku.We’re sure the 9X4 has been a hit among discerning audiophiles who want to stream music from a TV or home stereo to a big screen and get a bit more…

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When ‘the first black boat’ went into service

PONTIAC, Mich.— A pioneer craft that was first to sail across the Atlantic Ocean and bring the first African-American men to the West Coast in 1821 is set to be auctioned off for $5 million.The 1821 Pioneer Day Boat, a black sailboat, will be on display in Poconos Historical Museum until March 13, and the…

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