• September 18, 2021

Pioneers xDJ xz app, Pioneer Avh 33000nex, Pioneer DJX, Pioneer AVH, Pioneer xDJ are all coming to Android soon

Pioneers, Avh, xDJ and Pioneer DJ are all expected to be coming to Google Play soon.The latest news is that Avh will now be able to connect with Pioneer DJ XDJ, Pioneer XDJ2, Pioneer XL, and Pioneer AVHD, all of which are coming to Play.The Pioneer DJx app will be coming soon to Google play.The…

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What the pioneers are saying about their new hoverboards

What the Pioneers are saying…I just got my hoverboard!I got it today!It’s just awesome.I mean, how could I not?The hoverboard is a revolutionary innovation that has sparked an entire cottage industry, a cottage industry of hoverboard-loving Americans.I had the pleasure of chatting with some of the people behind the hoverboard.The hover board has been hailed…

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How to buy the Pioneer SX-T65x 12-bit/96kHz stereo audio codec

The Pioneer SXT65 is a very popular audio codec for a number of reasons.The 12-channel format is a little bit different than most codecs but it does have its advantages.It is easy to buy a box of units and it comes with an integrated microphone and line-in cable that’s great for those who use headphones.Plus,…

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