• September 2, 2021

How to take a screenshot without having to buy a phone in China – Engadgets

We’re all aware of the app-centric world in China, where the majority of devices are connected to a smartphone network.But with a growing number of apps that use location data, such as Tripwire’s MapQuest, to help people find destinations or make reservations, there are now ways to take quick photos.But how do you take a…

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Pioneering Savings Bank to be bought by Citigroup, says FT

BYLINE: Andrew MATHEWSThe FT has revealed that Pioneering savings bank has been purchased by Citicorp.The deal has been agreed by the two banks, who will share a boardroom and will share headquarters.The merger was announced by Citin chief executive Michael Kavanagh and Citigroup’s head of strategic development, John Breslin.Both firms will continue to operate in…

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NASA’s $4 billion Jupiter Probe Is Back, And It’s Back Faster Than You Imagined

A giant probe of NASA’s Jupiter mission is heading for its biggest journey yet, as the agency plans to blast off to the planet’s largest moon, Io, in 2022.The $4.6 billion Jupiter probe, dubbed Jupiter Orbiter Mission (JOAM), is designed to orbit the moon Io, a world of Saturn’s moon Europa and the largest object…

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