• September 13, 2021

What the pioneers are saying about their new hoverboards

What the Pioneers are saying…I just got my hoverboard!I got it today!It’s just awesome.I mean, how could I not?The hoverboard is a revolutionary innovation that has sparked an entire cottage industry, a cottage industry of hoverboard-loving Americans.I had the pleasure of chatting with some of the people behind the hoverboard.The hover board has been hailed…

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A woman who was shot and killed by police after an attempted arrest is ‘just a young woman’

An Ottawa woman who died of gunshot wounds while police tried to arrest her is being remembered as a “young woman with a heart full of hope” who loved to sing, dance and make friends.Police say 30-year-old Amy Jetta-Wright was shot twice in the head and was later pronounced dead.She was the fifth woman in…

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How to Make the Perfect Roasted Turkey in the Kitchen (with the Woman behind the Recipes)

When we’re feeling down, we want something positive, something comforting, and something that is comforting and easy to prepare.We’re especially into comfort foods and want something easy to eat, something that will help us feel more positive and ready to tackle the day.Our goal is to make something easy and tasty that will be good…

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