• September 21, 2021

What’s It Like To Be A Pioneer Woman in Nebraska?

On the plains of Nebraska, there are many people who have made it through their lives without a husband, without a wife, without children, and without money.The Pioneer Women’s Association has been a voice of women for more than a century, and for years, its members have been doing the hard work to make it…

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How to write an amazing story in a single paragraph

A new science article by The Atlantic writer Mark Steyn, published in The New Yorker, offers a comprehensive guide to the story telling power of the quote.In Steyn’s words, quote writers need to be “not only great story tellers, but great story makers, too.”They need to “tell a story that makes people think.”And quote writers…

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How to pronounce the word pioneer

The word pioneer has come under fire recently after the word was used by a group of people who were protesting a controversial new water treatment plant.The word is used to describe people who have built their own houses, or started a business, but are still trying to find their footing.However, it is commonly used…

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