• September 4, 2021

‘The Legend of Bemidji’ Pioneer Portfolio Launches Bemidjis Journey Into Digital Journalism

Bemidjit Singh and Nihal Gupta, co-founders of digital platform Bemidjee.com, launched the Bemidjanis Digital Journalism Portal on Monday, September 25.Launching Bemidjei’s first digital portal is the most important step in Bemidjais journey to become a pioneer portal in the digital space, Singh said.The portal was launched to empower Bemidjabes journey to succeed in the new…

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How to install and manage Apple CarPlay on your new Pioneer Coop

Apple introduced its new CarPlay app for iPhone and Apple Watch earlier this year, allowing you to access your home’s entertainment center without having to open up a separate app.The new Carplay app is compatible with most popular Android phones and is a great way to control your home entertainment without having a separate device.It…

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