• October 8, 2021

Pioneer woman Cornbread’s Big House: A ‘pioneering’ game changer

Pioneer woman cornmeal is about to become a household staple, and the Pioneer women’s football team will be making it the go-to dish.

Pioneer women’s quarterback Kaitlyn Johnson and receiver Lili Johnson are the first to get the game-changing cornbread.

Kaitlynn will be in the Big House starting Saturday against North Dakota State.

The game will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1.

The event will be streamed on Pioneer Nation Live.

Johnson said she hopes people will try it because it’s easy to make and she loves making it.

“I love it,” Johnson said.

“I’ve been making it since I was 6 years old.

I can make it and put it on toast.”

The Cornbread Challenge is the first time a team has won two national titles in the women’s division.

It is the culmination of a seven-year, $4 million program designed to educate and inspire young women and girls on a positive lifestyle.

It’s an example of how a new program can change lives and impact an entire community.

Penny Brown is a freelance reporter for Pioneer Nation.