• September 21, 2021

The Pinnacle of the Trail

A group of trail users are getting a new lease on life on the Pinnacle State Mutual Trail.

The park recently launched a new outdoor experience called the Pines, a two-week adventure that includes a “Pinnacle State” adventure campground.

The Pinnacle Adventure Campground has two full-service cabins that can accommodate two to four people, plus a “Trail of Pines” adventure lodge.

It also has two cabins for those who want to get off the trail and enjoy some water, as well as a “Dental Adventure Campsite” to “provide additional dental care for trail users.”

The campground offers four day-use amenities, including a two and a half mile “Trails of Pinnacles” trail that passes through Pinnachias Wilderness.

There’s also a “Campsite of Pins” trail, which is designed to be a safe place for trail riders to relax, but also provide some shelter from the elements.

 “We’re looking forward to bringing people back for more,” said park superintendent Bob Rennert.

“We think this will help the Pinnace State Mutual Trails get back to being a great, sustainable trail network that can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Rennert added that the Pins offer “great value” and the park is in the process of opening up a second campground to accommodate another group.

The park has a $15 million annual budget, and it plans to open its second campgrounds by late spring 2019.