• September 12, 2021

Pioneer Campground offers $600 per night for rental

Pioneer Campgrounds, a popular rental property in the city of Twin Falls, Idaho, offers $6,000 per night on top of the $5,000 stipend for a four-night stay.

The deal is available to anyone with a valid Idaho ID, the company said on Facebook.

The reservation period for Pioneer Camps’ rental program began Monday.

For more, read: Pioneer Campsites, Pioneer Earphones and Pioneer Boat Rentals Now available in Twin Falls article PioneerCampgrounds.com offers four-day and two-night rentals, as well as two-day rental for up to two guests.

For the price of a one-bedroom, a two-bedroom or a four year rental, you can have up to four guests, according to Pioneer Camping.

For one person, the two-year rental costs $1,000 a night, with the two bedrooms going for $2,500.

You can reserve one guest per reservation.

You also get a free day-use pass and a $100 discount voucher for the weekend.

For a two person reservation, the price is $1.75 per person, with one bedroom going for as much as $2.00 per night.

If you want to book more than two people, you must purchase the same night and make reservations online or by calling ahead at (800) 776-3247.

Pioneer Campsite offers more than 200 rental properties around the world, according the company.

It has a total of 1,200 rooms.