• August 15, 2021

Woman, 30, named Woman of the Year at the Women’s March, with an Instagram photo

Woman of The Year is a title bestowed on an award given to the most influential person in the world.

In her first post on Instagram, the Instagram star known only as “Papa” shared a photo of herself with the caption, “Who has the best day of your life?


She also added a photo on her page of her “new friends” and said, “Thanks to everyone who made my day #yolawyer.”

The caption was followed by a picture of her sitting in a chair, surrounded by a rainbow.

Papa said the photo was taken in a New York hotel room on January 20, 2018, while he was on his way to attend the Women in the World Summit in Washington, D.C.

The Women’s Marches, which began in the United States in January to rally against the Trump administration’s policies, have been held in other cities, including Seattle, San Francisco and Boston.

Papas first post was in December 2017.