• August 12, 2021

When a pizza delivery driver’s dream turned into a nightmare

In November 2016, a pizza driver named Sarah was driving to her grandmother’s home in a quiet suburb of Atlanta when she got a phone call from a woman with the phone number for a new Papa John’s.

“She said, ‘We have a delivery for you,'” Sarah told The Jerusalem Times.

“I said, okay, I’m going to call the number.

But then she called back and said, I have a problem.”

Sarah was concerned.

“You can’t be driving the delivery with the guy from the Pizza Hut in the back seat,” she said.

“It’s a little scary.”

She said the driver was a woman who looked like her grandmother, but didn’t speak Hebrew.

“When I asked her why, she said, she just wants a pizza,” Sarah said.

Sarah contacted her grandmother and she offered to drive her grandmother a pizza.

When Sarah called the pizza delivery company, the driver told her that she would be charged a $100 tip.

“So I just said, no, I want nothing,” Sarah recalled.

“And she said no, you don’t have to tip, but if you want, I’ll tip $10.”

When Sarah tried to take the driver to Papa Johns, she was told she could not do that because the delivery was being held for a delivery man.

“The woman said, you can’t drive the delivery, because you’re a woman,” Sarah told the Times.

The driver said she was an Israeli woman and that the man she had picked up was a pizza-maker, not a deliveryman.

The woman told Sarah that he was a foreigner and that she should go back to her country to ask him to deliver the pizza.

The next day, Sarah contacted the local police and said that the pizza she was ordered to deliver was the wrong one.

“But I had to wait for him,” Sarah remembered.

“That was really upsetting.”

“The story was really sad, and I couldn’t understand how they could do that,” Sarah added.

“If you see a guy driving a delivery, it’s really bad, and you can only see it in the video.”

After Sarah contacted Papa John, the pizza-delivery company offered to cover the cost of the $10 tip.

Sarah and the driver agreed.

But Sarah wasn’t done with the story.

“They called me up and told me that my grandmother was having problems with Papa John and that I had a choice,” she told the paper.

“Because I didn’t pay for the tip, I could either go to the police and tell them I didn