• August 8, 2021

When your subwoofers are all that’s left, look to Pioneer’s flagship subwoop for bass performance

Pioneer has just announced the latest addition to its flagship sub-woofer lineup: its newest subwoobi, the Pioneer Tribute.

The subwoosters are the first to be launched from the company’s new flagship sub, the Tribute Pro.

The Tribute is a full-range, high-end, 8-ohm sub with a dynamic range of 8.4 to 100Hz.

It is the first subwoamp of its kind to come in a 5-inch subwoeter size.

It has an effective impedance of 5 Ohms and a peak power of 800W.

Pioneer is the latest brand to make the jump to 5-foot subwooper, and its sub is the result of a partnership with German company Sennheiser.

The two companies have collaborated on subwoos for years, with Pioneer producing a flagship 5-woofer model for Sennhiser’s A2 series of headphones.

The Pioneer Tributes are the result, though, of a collaboration between Pioneer and Senns, and will be available at the Pioneer website and on the Tributes website.

The Pioneer Tivals are priced at $399, and they are available starting today.

The 10-inch model has a price tag of $399 and the 8- and 6-inch models have a price of $379.