• July 29, 2021

How to make a ‘tent’ from a scrap of discarded clothing

A Seattle woman has created a tent from discarded clothing, using an old sewing machine to make it.

The Seattle-based DIY tent maker, who goes by the name of Pioneer Woman, told the BBC that she’s using the sewing machine because it’s easy to get started.

“I was just browsing through Pinterest, and I noticed a lot of women were doing tent projects, and they were making tents from clothes that had been discarded,” she told the news outlet.

“I decided to do something similar, I was inspired by those people and this idea of a DIY tent.”

The woman, who is a single mother of two, says she made the tent using scrap of cloth, sewing machine and a scrap fabric from a piece of paper.

“It was just the most basic thing you could do with a sewing machine, and also just because it was pretty cheap,” she said.

The DIY tent was designed to accommodate a couple of adults, with a sleeping area and an area for her daughter to sleep in.

“For a couple, I thought I’d make a tent that was a little smaller and also a little more practical for a couple,” she explained.

“For one person, I wanted the sleeping area to be really big, so I didn’t want it to be too small and I wanted it to have enough space to keep the child’s head out of the tent and to get the breeze out of it, and that’s what I did.”

After the DIY tent, Pioneer Woman says she was able to turn her sewing machine into a sewing-machine tent, which she uses to make other DIY projects.

“The tent itself has some rust on it, but I think the rust is in the machine itself,” she added.

“The machine itself has a few scratches, and then the rust, because of the way it’s made, just gets on your clothes and makes them rust.

So that’s why it’s rust free.”

The tent maker is currently working on the tent’s interior, which includes a sink, fridge, stove, TV and a toilet.

“This is just my way of showing my appreciation for the woman who made me this tent,” she says.