• July 25, 2021

What we learned about the new year’s DJ crop

By Simon Hradecky, created January 08, 2019 00:58:18Dada is back.

In a big way.DJ pioneer producer and label founder Dada Life (aka D-Day) is on a roll.

With a record-breaking year, D-Land has released his second full-length album and he’s also on the brink of releasing his first EP in 10 years, The Dada Land.

We’ve got a whole lot more to share with you with this week’s episode, but first, we dive deep into D-Life’s world of production and explore the many ways Dada and his friends have reinvented themselves.

The first Dada LP, The Land Of The Dads, hit stores in 2015.

Since then, Dada has released two more albums, The Rascal, which came out in 2019, and The Future of Dada, which was released in 2020.

With The Land of The Duds, Duda decided to go all out and try to recapture some of his earlier sound, using a mix of old-school, new-school house, jazz and R&B.

Dada also used the album’s title as a teaser for his new EP.

D-Live also shared a video for The Riser, a song he’s working on with the rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

This year, he’s released two albums, the Dada House EP, which he recorded with his fellow producer and collaborator, D.G. Cook, and the D-land EP, produced by DJ Khaled.

And D-Love is currently working on a third D-lander EP.

The Dadaland crew has become a familiar sight on the festival circuit over the past few years.

While Dada is known as one of the pioneers of the new sound in dance music, there are plenty of other producers in the scene who’ve become big names with their own imprints and solo careers.

These artists are all making their mark on the dance music landscape, with the Dads in particular having been key figures in the resurgence of the hip-hop genre.

This week on the show, we’re joined by DJ Dada to discuss his new album and how Dada feels about the state of dance music today.

We talk about D-Lights new album, the impact of D-Days recent success and what it’s like to be on the cutting edge of dance production.

We also hear from D-Duke and DJ D.O.D., who is now working with D-Kool G.A.

A on his first full-time project in nearly a decade.

D.J. also talks about his journey into DJing, and why he’s still not finished with his solo career.

Finally, we wrap up with producer DJ Dade, who talks about how he came up with the title The D-Dub, a reference to the Dad Land he grew up on.

We love listening to new music, and we think it’s very important to keep the culture alive and active.

And that’s what we’re doing with The Dado Land, which is our first full album in 10years, and it’s one of those records that we’ve been working on for quite some time, and so we wanted to give it to you guys as soon as possible, and then we wanted you to be able to hear it live in your own home, and to have your own experience with it.DJ Dade has also been working with some of the hottest producers of the moment, from the likes of The Neptunes and Big Sean, to Snoop Dogg and Ty Dolla $ign.

We talk about how much we appreciate the fact that Dade can get away with this, and how much it means to him to be a part of a movement that is pushing forward in the industry.

Dade and his D-family also share a bit of a laugh with the crew.

After a busy year of working on his new music with D.D. and D-Soul, DJ Dades first D-album, The Dream, arrived in 2019.

This time around, Dade is looking to bring the Daddys latest sound into the mainstream with a new EP, The Dreams, which will hit shelves this coming January.

We also chat with Dade about the significance of DADL being a brand in itself, and he explains why he thinks the label is an important part of dance culture, especially as it relates to the resurgence in hip-hopping.

The Dream EP is out on January 24, 2020.