• July 25, 2021

Pioneer Woman’s Clothing Launches for $25 per pair

WASHINGTON — Mixtrax and Pioneer Community, Inc. today announced they will be launching the world’s first, $25,000 per pair clothing line for the womanhood movement.

“We’ve been trying to change the perception of women for decades.

The problem is, it’s hard,” said Michelle Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Mixtrax.

The line will be designed with women in mind, and will feature a range of styles and fabrics.

The first mixtrx collection, “My Womanhood,” features cotton, linen and cashmere.

This new line will feature women’s, men’s and child’s styles for a new generation of women.

Anderson said the goal of the line is to change people’s perception of what women should wear.

Mixed with a range the company says will include classic, wearable, contemporary, women’s and children’s styles, and accessories.

While it’s a new approach, Anderson said the company is looking to the past and hopes to change perceptions.

“Women are very important to the industry, and women’s fashion is very important.

But women’s clothing is so important to us,” she said.

Pioneer’s first mixtape, “Carry My Love,” features a line of women’s clothes, as well as accessories, jewelry and shoes.

Carry Your Love will launch in stores on Feb. 3, 2018.

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