• July 24, 2021

Which college’s graduates will make headlines this year?

The first four weeks of the year will bring some surprises for students in the Northern Territory.

In the Northern Rivers region, students will be expected to study at a local university or a private school.

There are also plans for a summer course in the Kimberley.

In New South Wales, the start of the academic year will see students at the Northern State School of Social Work and Public Service.

Students at the University of Tasmania are studying for a Masters degree in the history of education in the state.

The next wave of students to take up their courses is expected to be in Victoria and NSW in the next year.

The Northern Rivers will see a return of students studying at private schools.

In Queensland, there are plans for the introduction of the Indigenous Language course to be offered at the Brisbane University of Technology.

In Tasmania, students are expected to take courses in law at the Melbourne University of Law.

In NSW, the Northern River will see the introduction the first of a number of courses for students who are Indigenous.

The University of Sydney is offering a course on Indigenous history to take in 2019.

In Western Australia, there is a plan to have the first Indigenous language course offered at Western Australian University.

In Victoria, students at Australian National University will be able to take a course in Indigenous history.

In Northern Territory, students can expect to study in the local community college.

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