• July 20, 2021

Pioneer High School Graduates Pioneer DJ Mixer, Fh S52bt From S52 To DJ Mixing Hall of Fame

Pioneer High school grads S52BT and FhS52BT from S52 to DJ Mixers Hall of fame.

The Pioneer DJ mixer is the first DJ mixer in the world to have a DJ mixer from a high school graduate, and it is the work of the S52 family.

S52BS was born in 1992 and attended Pioneer High.

The DJ mixer was a gift from the family and the S42B, the son of a Pioneer engineer.

S42B’s son, S42BE, was born two years earlier in 1993.

S 42B is also the founder of the Pioneer High Tech Center at Pioneer High, which has been producing professional DJ equipment for more than 30 years.

S52BS graduated from Pioneer High in 2017 and is now working at Pioneer DJ.

He said he is excited to be a Pioneer DJ and hopes to continue working at the Pioneer Hi Tech Center, which he founded in 2001.

S54BS, the father of S52, is also a Pioneer Hi tech, and he said he was excited to join the Pioneer DJ team.

S 52B said the Pioneer Mixer is a dream come true.

He was born and raised in San Francisco and attended San Francisco Central High School.

S 52B is the son and grandson of Pioneer engineers.

S 42B said he hopes to one day be a DJ, and S52B is excited for him to make that dream a reality.