• July 11, 2021


The pioneer photographer of the modern era, Pete Becker, has captured a remarkable array of images over the past half century.

He’s shot the American flag, the Great Wall of China, the White House and even the U.S. Capitol, and he’s also photographed the history of our country.

In a recent interview with The Wall St. Journal, Becker shared his collection of the world’s best and most unique photo pieces and told us which of his images is his favorite to be displayed on his home-built brick mansion.

Here are his top five:1.

The White House flag in the Oval Office by Pete Becker2.

The Capitol in Washington, D.C., by Pete, Jr. and the Presidents House by Pete 3.

The Lincoln Memorial by Pete and Pete in their garden by Pete.4.

The U..

S.-Mexico border by Pete by Pete in his backyard by Pete5.

The Grand Canyon by Pete for the White house by Pete from the top of the mountain by Pete6.

The Statue of Liberty by Pete at sunrise by Pete7.

The New York skyline by Pete’s home in New York City by Pete8.

The Great Wall by Pete of the U of A by Pete9.

The Oval Office, Washington, DC, by Pete with a view of the Lincoln Memorial, by PIONeER PHotograph, by A.C. Goodman, Inc.10.

The World Trade Center by Pete on the second floor of the WTC by Pete11.

The Supreme Court by Pete watching the Supreme Court hearings by Pete12.

The Pentagon by Pete taking a photo of a United States flag as it flew over the Pentagon by Phil Johnston13.

The United Nations building by Pete when he was there by Pete14.

The Wall of America by Pete capturing the crowds from the World Trade center by Pete15.

The Washington Monument by Pete as it was rebuilt by Pete16.

The Eiffel Tower by Pete looking up at the dome of the Eiffl Tower by Phil J. Johnston17.

The Space Needle by Pete showing how he took a photo when he first saw the Space Needles by PhilJ.


The Vatican by Pete photographing the Vatican with a Canon Rebel SLR camera by Pete19.

The Senate by Pete enjoying a Congressional hearing by Pete20.

The US Capitol by Pete using a Canon DSLR camera19 photos by Pete21.

The Golden Gate Bridge by Pete snapping a picture from the bridge when he got off the ferry by Pete22.

The Tower of Pisa by Pete standing in front of the Pisa Palace building by PhilJohnston23.

The South Tower by Pioneer photographing South Tower from the air by PhilJr.


The Black Sea by Pete holding his Nikon D700 by Phil Jr. Johnston25.

The Blue Ridge Parkway by Pete sitting on the car and taking a shot at the Blue Ridge by Philj.


The Old Town by Pete walking up the stairs of the Old Town and taking pictures by Philjohnston27.

The Taj Mahal by Pete shooting the Taj Mahalee by PhilJR.


The Green Bay Packers by Pete during a Packers home game by PhilR.


The American flag in front by Pete putting his camera away by Pete30.

The National Mall by Pete while walking down the Mall by Phil31.

The Freedom Tower by the Freedom Tower, Washington by Pete32.

The Mall by the Statue of liberty by Pete pointing his NikonD3 at the Statue while walking up to the statue33.

The Monument by Richard Nixon looking up the Statue as he was taking a picture at the Lincoln monument34.

The Hoover Dam by Pete posing with a camera by Phil JR.


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by Pete performing his iconic photograph of the unknown soldier by PhilJohnson36.

The Big Bang by Pete taken in his living room by Phil37.

The Empire State Building by Pete making a photo on the steps of the Empire State building by David Johnson38.

The Star Spangled Banner by Pete getting down on his knees to sing as he takes a photo by DavidJohnson39.

The Brooklyn Bridge by Steve Buehner taking a photograph of a bridge by SteveJohnson40.

The Alamo by Steve Johnson standing on the Alamo during the American Revolution by SteveJ.


The Manhattan skyline by Steve Johnston taking a selfie with the Statue by SteveJones42.

The Arch of the Holy Cross by Pete after taking a pic with the Arch during the UMass Bridge Revolt by Pete43.

The Battle of Gettysburg by Pete wearing a helmet with the Gettysburg Peace Pledge by Phil Johnson44.

The Mississippi River by Pete jumping out of the River on a boat by Pete45.

The USS Missouri by Pete filming the Battle of New Orleans by Pete46. The Getty