• June 19, 2021

When an airline is the pioneer lifting bag

In 2017, American Airlines announced that it was the first airline to allow passengers to take a lift bag to and from the plane without an attendant.

The new rule, which was announced in December, is the result of the pilot’s training, a move that the airline said was “inspired by the airlines experience with pilots in the air.”

The move is being seen as a positive development for airlines, who have seen a significant increase in passenger traffic since the lifting bag rule was implemented.

A study released earlier this year by the American Airlines Institute found that passengers and baggage handlers spent an average of 1.7 hours and 33 minutes waiting for their bags to arrive, compared to an average 5.3 hours and 19 minutes on average for passengers who did not have to wait.

The institute also found that when people were allowed to use the new service, they were willing to use it.

“In our study, we found that people who had a lift-bag option and the airlines’ willingness to allow it improved their customer service by 6.3% compared to people who did no option at all,” the institute said in a statement.

In 2017 alone, American received more than 1.5 million passenger departures, and the company had nearly 14,000 employees.

While the airline has a long way to go before its lift-bags policy is widely adopted, its move is encouraging to many people who travel.

“It’s great to see American Airlines finally start to realize the value of an easy lift-back from the terminal,” said Ashley Nettles, a baggage handler for American Airlines, in a press release.

“I’m thrilled that they’re finally starting to realize that this is a service that everyone needs and that everyone should have a place to go.”

With files from The Associated Press