• June 16, 2021

10 ways to create and share great content with your friends and family

What to include in your Pinterest post: Share a link to your favorite creative site, or share a recipe, video, or photo.

If you use Pinterest, include the Pinterest logo in your post title.

Include a short bio about your brand.

If your brand has been featured on Pinterest, mention it.

Include your brand’s social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook.

Share your content with a tag, like a hashtag, or hashtag your favorite content with.

Create a blog post using the template above.

Make sure you include a link that will take you to your brand site’s website, as well as a link back to the post.

Include the Pinterest tagline and title in your title.

Make a list of the top 10 best Pinterest posts of your favorite genre.

You can share these posts with your family and friends using a hashtag or tag, but it’s a good idea to use your brand name as the tagline.

Include Pinterest’s pinboard icon in your headline.

Include any pins you have shared on Pinterest as well.

Pinterest offers a number of other features, such as pin boards, pins that are saved for later use, pin sharing, pinning, pining recommendations, pin tagging, pin tags, pin stickers, and pin sharing suggestions.

For more tips and tricks on using Pinterest, check out our Pinterest Pinterest blog post. 

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